Saint Lucia Floral Cooperative Society Ltd.

Ginger Lilies

The unique conical shape of the ginger lily makes it quite versatile in floral displays. The small blooms of the ginger lily may be used as fillers in mixed floral arrangements while the large blooms can be used as a spotlight in tropical displays. Whatever the use, the mix of hot red with pastel pink, and white are an excellent reminder of times spent in the tropics.

The white ginger lily is growing in popularity. The conical shape combined with the white leaves of the bloom make it appear almost angelic in form.  The white ginger lily may be one of the most versatile blooms as it can be used as a romantic addition to a luxury room, in a wedding bouquet, or on a restaurant table.


Each ginger lily will be wrapped in its own sleeve as to ensure proper protection of the delicate bloom until it reaches its final destination. The flowers will be secured in a 120cm (Length) x 33cm (width) x 12cm (height) box which has been filled with moist shredded paper to keep the blooms hydrated until their delivery date.

Care and Handling:

Carefully remove the ginger lilies from their packaging. Trim about 3cm off the stems at a 45 degree angle with a clean sharp knife or pruning shears. Immediately after trimming the stems you must place them in a container with clean water. This must be done quickly as to not let the veins seal. The vase water should be changed once every three days and the blooms should be misted every day. Every time the water is changed you must trim the stems. Tropical blooms should not be kept at temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius and relative humidity lower than 85%. Avoid storing or placing blooms near fruits and vegetable as the ethylene gas released will age blooms prematurely.

Vase Life

7 – 14 Days


  •  Small: (<15cm³)
  •  Medium: (15 – 22 cm³)
  •  Large: (>22 cm³)

Quantity / Box

  • Small Blooms in 120cm x 33 cm x 12 cm Box (60 Blooms/Box)
  • Medium Blooms in 120cm x 33 cm x 12 cm Box (55 Blooms / Box)
  • Large Blooms in 120 cm x 33cm x 12cm Box (50 Blooms / Box)