Saint Lucia Floral Cooperative Society Ltd.

Beverly Charlemagne’s Farm

Ms. Charlemagne’s Anthurium Greenhouse

Farm Name: Beverly Charlemagne’s Farm

Farm Manager: Beverly Charlemagne

Location: Belle Plain, Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Primary Crops:

  • Hybrid Anthuriums
  • Heliconia
  • Orchids

Beverly Charlemagne owns and operates an extensive farm in Soufriere. She has many shade houses filled to the brim with quality, bright, breath-taking anthuriums.  She has pink, white, red, purple, Caribbean pink, orange, pink and green, carnival, and so much more. Every bloom looks as though it was cared for with love and thought.

It is obvious just by walking into Ms. Charlemagnes’s farm that she has a deep interest in diversifying her flowers.  She has set up and orchid shade house and has continually managed their production. The orchids at her farm are fresh and vibrant and will make for a lovely addition to any floral arrangement.

She also had plenty of anthuriums that I had never seen before – ordered from distant production units.