Saint Lucia Floral Cooperative Society Ltd.

The Society

The Saint Lucia Floral Co-operative Society Limited was established in 1999 to be the primary representative body of cut-flower growers in Saint Lucia. The Society seeks to:

  • Provide employment opportunities for its members and other community members especially the youth;
  • Promote and engage in activities of production, processing and marketing of cut-flowers for local use and export.
  • Promote and engage in activities of education, technical assistance and research which will benefit members, the co-operative movement and the domestic agricultural sector in Saint Lucia;
  • Promote the interest of members in matters of public policy formation and implementation;
  • Promote the economic and social well being of its members by utilizing their united efforts and funds for the efficient production, processing and marketing of floral products;
  • Carry out such services and functions which will benefit the members through economies of scale;
  • Encourage thrift among its members by arranging facilities for deposit;
  • Encourage diversification of flowers and approved national cropping patterns in the national agricultural sector;
  • Procure and sell to its members floral equipment and other supplies necessary for floral production and marketing;
  • Make arrangements for the marketing of flowers and its products with a view to ensure quality, a fair income, and regularity of supply both locally and for export;
  • Invest in or carry out allied economic activities which will serve the economic and social needs of members;
  • Devise and carry out programs of production, processing, marketing, planning and regulations to assure a regular supply of flowers and related products on the market