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Dendrobium Orchids

The orchids radiate a feeling of natural delicate beauty that can be representative of many forms of love, admiration, and contentment. These flowers mature into beautiful colours and shapes. Depending on the intended use of the plant, it can be purchased either as a potted plant or a cut-flower.

If treated properly as a cut-flower it can last up to ten (10) to twenty (20) days. When the flower is taken out of water and placed upon a wrist in a corsage it will last the full evening looking continually fresh and vibrant. If the customer decides to place the orchid in a vase on a dining table – it will grace your dinner conversation for weeks on end.

Packaging of Cut-Flowers:

Each stem (spray) is inserted into water-pics or orchid tubes. Cotton also may be used to hydrate the stem. The dendrobiums will be bundled in groups of 5—10 sprays. Each bunch will then be placed in a clear plastic sleeve. Bunches are placed in the first layer with stems against both end walls, and a second layer is placed so that flowers overlay stems and stems overlay flowers.

Care and Handling:

It is very important to immediately hydrate your orchids upon receipt. Place them in a container of filtered water. Below the water you will want to trim the stems at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife or pruning shears. Immediately place them in clean water after trimming to allow the flow of water through the stem. Make sure to change your water every 3 days. Keep your orchids in a very shaded and cool environment. Moving them from different environmental extremes may decrease the vase life. Avoid storing or placing blooms near fruits and vegetable as the ethylene gas released will age blooms prematurely.

Vase Life:

Cut-Flowers (10 – 20 Days) Potted Plants (Dependent Upon Care)


Each spray (otherwise known as stem) contains a number of buds and blooms. The buds are blooms that have yet to open. The blooms are flowers. We conventionally price our sprays by how many buds and blooms are on each spray.